Hypnotherapy is an effective way to overcome all your problems that just seem too difficult to deal with right now.

Discover your inner forces and bring about positive changes.
Have you been affected by the mass panic? Can’t get a grasp of your emotions?

If you need help dealing with losing weight, quitting smoking and other addictions, relieving stress, managing depression, assistance with personal problems, then NOW is the right time to improve the quality of your life.

Due to the state of the pandemic, I am currently offer hypnotherapy sessions with a discount of 30% until further notice so everyone is able to afford the assistance they need.

The state of hypnosis is a safe state of consciousness, something between being asleep and being awake. It is a state absolutely unrelated to “stage” hypnosis that you see in comedy shows! Being hypnotised allows the hypnotherapist to reach the client’s subconscious, however, the hypnotherapist is unable to do anything without the consent of a person in a hypnosis state. This means that a person knows exactly where he/she is and what is happening to him/her.

The state of the hypnotic trance itself is a very pleasant thing and is an excellent tool for fighting various phobias, fears, low self-esteem, shyness and other personality traits that one wishes to overcome. Hypnosis can also help reduce pain (preventing surgery) or reduce fear of hospitalisation. It also accelerates post-surgery recovery. In addition, it increases self-esteem and allows you to restore your self-respect.