Addictions such as nicotine, drug abuse, alcoholism, overeating, erotica and gambling are very well treated by hypnotherapeutic methods.

Other uses of hypnosis include the ability to improve learning abilities, memory and information retention increase, increased attention span and increased motivation. With the help of hypnosis, you can also improve your erotic life and overcome eating disorders and adjust the amount of food consumed.

You smoke? And you feel powerless against addiction? Have you attempted to ‘cast’ him once and for all? Do you try to quit smoking aggravate your annoyance?

The help of a specialist will help you reduce tension and calm emotions unstable during the fight against addiction. Addicted people have strong defense mechanisms that block the awareness of the dangerous effects of smoking. We know from our experience that working in hypnosis is an effective way. Hypnotherapy will allow you to reach the subconscious, understand your addiction and discourage smoking.